Company Profile
since 2002
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Jinan Tianqiao Tiantai Machinery Factory, located in Jinan city of Shandong province, is founded in the year 2002. We focus on the design, manufacture, sales, commissioning and technique assistance of the panko style bread crumb and crouton machines. Our main product include horizontal dough mixer, dough rounder, electronic baking oven, bread crumb pulverizer, vibrating dying system, packing system and bread crouton cutting machine, etc.

   Our bread crumb machine has adopted the advanced technique with high degree process maturity and automation. So many years professional knowledge and actual experience on the fabrication and operation of the bread crumb machine enables us to offer specified design and service for each client, including product line design, formula, layout of warehouse, staff training and the solution of any troublesome in the actual production.   Based on the high quality machine, comprehensive after-sales service and good reputation, our machine have earned more and more clients’ trust. Our machine have been exported to many countries, such Japan, Hungary, Brazil, India, Pakistan, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippine, etc.