Horizontal Dough Mixer
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The performance characteristics of HM200Horizontal Dough Mixer
1.This machine can produce high quality dough with the two design as below: 1). The mixing device is “Y” shape, and it can have different actions to the dough, such as lifting, punching, folding, kneading, pressing, pulling, etc, which would help to form the wheat gluten network; 2) There is water cooling device to keep the dough mixing tank in suitable temperature;
2.Working efficiency is high: only need around 4~7 minutes to finish one batch of mixing;
3.Operation is quite simple: the control system is by interface screen and PLC system;
4.The drive system is by multiple chains with automatic lubricating device, which is stable and strong enough for long life-span;
5.Two sets of oil pump are equipped to add the lubrication oil automatically, which makes the maintenance easier and machine performance better;
6.Labor work is reduced: the feeding of wheat flour and water are all designed to be automatically; and after mixing finished, the tank would turn to rated angle to discharge out the dough automatically;
7.Cleaning is easy: the contact part are all made from Stainless Steel 304 and all edges and corners are convenient for cleaning.  

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