Dough Rounder
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Product introduction

     1. The rounder is made of wear-resistant steel and the taper is painted by Teflon, so the surface is quite smooth and would not stick the dough.     Rail of taper is made by aluminum alloy and is also painted by Teflon. Angle of the rail and taper is carefully fixed to guarantee the dough’s roundness;  

     2. Automatic powder spreading device is equipped to avoid the sticky of dough and the outlet bin;

      3. This machine can be used separately or can be used together with the pre-cutting machine, middle fermentation device or dough moulder to make up a complete product line.

    4. This machine is widely used for the production of bread and bread crumbs, especially suitable for the big size bread production.  

     5. The dough weight for rounding has a big range.  

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Product parameter


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